Hi, I'm Vinny Moreira - a Web Designer / WordPress Developer based in Los Angeles

Web Design Services

Web Design

Web Design

Professional website design services for clients in Los Angeles or anywhere in the US. Some of my web design services include, custom website design, website redesign, logo design, WordPress themes, and more.



Coding services for the web design and mobile industries. Cross-browser websites using the latest technologies with programming languages, such as HTML / HTML 5, CSS / CSS 3, PHP / MySQL.


Online Marketing

Boost visibility, gain traffic and drive revenue online. Internet marketing services including, Search Engine Opitimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), link building, and more.

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What My Clients Say

Working with Vinny is always a pleasure. My favorite thing about the way he works is that he is always willing to go beyond the norm to manifest interactively any idea I envision on my designs, and he’ll never give up until he makes it happen. As a web developer he stays up to date on the latest technology out there and that allows him to always suggest better and more user friendly ways to portrait a site. This two talents are not only hard to find but also a big plus that complements my work and at the same time makes our clients happy too.

- Dariana C.

Dari Design Studio

I had the pleasure of seeing some of Vinny’s projects, and also the chance of having him doing a project for myself. During that time, he proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about his job. He’s very efficient by providing great results in a timely manner. Fantastic professional!

- Gabriel L.

Apple, Inc.

Vinny gives a very personalized and custom service, he was available and willing to answer all of my questions when I had them in a friendly way, he has attention to detail and also gives advice on what to do best. He made sure that the site looked exactly how I designed it but also making sure that it had excellent and professional functionality, that for me is priceless!

- Dariela C.

Dari Design Studio

I’m extremely happy with the service provided by Vinny Moreira. Besides doing an excelent job designing my website, Vinny gave me all the support I needed to start my new venture on the Internet.

I highly recommend him.

- Tania A.

Portuguese Translations Expert