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How to Add Custom Fields to the WooCommerce Email Orders

One of my clients has a complex online store that uses the WordPress WooCommerce plugin for their store front. In order to satisfy their requests, I had to utilize multiple custom fields to store data to specific products. The products were primarily online tutorial videos that needed to have custom links and unique password for

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Must Know Wordpress Functions

12 Must-Know WordPress Functions For Theming

This post includes WordPress functions that I find myself using over and over again when creating themes for WordPress. These functions are for the most part basic, but they are very useful and every WordPress developer should know them. 1. wp_head() Used in header.php, wp_head() triggers the wp_head hook that is pretty much required in

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Custom H1 Tags Using Custom Fields in WordPress

One of the most common ways to show H1 tags on every page in WordPress is by wrapping the function the_title() in H1 tags, like so:

But if you would like to have a more flexible system where you can create custom headings to improve SEO or whatever reason it may be, the simplest

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How to List All Posts in a Custom Taxonomy Separated by Terms

In this post I will demonstrate how to list all posts from a specific custom taxonomy, separated by its terms. In this example, we will use “movie” as custom post type, “genre” as custom taxonomy, and the terms for this taxonomy: “Action”, “Comedy”, and “Drama.” The loop will output something like this: Action Fast &

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Sitemap Wordpress US Map Art

Creating a Site Map Page in WordPress

In this post I will show you how to create an HTML site map in WordPress in about 5 minutes. The site map page will list all your pages and blog posts separated by category. First we will pull all pages using the WordPress function wp_list_pages(). Then we will parse all categories to an array

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