When it comes to online marketing, SEO is key. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a way of making your site as searchable as possible. The higher up in search results your website is, the more chance customers will click on it.


We enrich your website’s SEO in a number of ways:

  • We create relevant title tags, which are one of the most important factors when it comes down to organic search engine optimization.These contain keywords, the words people use to search for what they want on Google and on other search engines.
  • We write compelling meta descriptions. When you’re looking at search results, you see the title of the website page, its web address, and text that describes the page’s content. This text is the meta description.
  • We create rich snippets, which appear under your page’s snippets in search results to draw the viewer’s eye to your page. Rich snippets are things like small icons, images, and text links to other parts of your website.
  • We create meta keywords, which are words that give search engines, other than Google, information about the general content of your website pages.
  • We add “alt” tags to your images. These are the words that appear whenever your images aren’t showing up on a person’s computer or device. They help the images appear in search engine results.
  • We create links on your pages that connect to other pages on your website. These are a way to keep your customers looking at and exploring your site instead of traveling away.
  • We create XML sitemaps, which are lists of all your site’s pages. They contain individual information about each page, making it easier for search engines to learn about your website.
  • We make sure that the text on your website contains numerous SEO-friendly keywords.

Google Analytics

Have you ever wanted a window into the minds of your online audience? With Google Analytics, you’ll get helpful data about the wide variety of ways in which your web audience interacts with your site.

With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see how long customers stayed on your site, whether they were on mobile phones, tablets, or computers, and how many times they watched your videos and clicked on your links.

Google Analytics can measure how many of your customers are coming from search engine results, from online ads, and from other websites, so you’ll know exactly how your marketing strategies are working.

You’ll also see how well each page of your website is doing in terms of number of views, so you can maximize the selling potential of all of your pages.

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