A quality WordPress website is a powerful thing. Not only do WordPress websites offer a great deal of control to our developers during the development phase, they’re also very user-friendly for our clients. In fact, they’re so user-friendly that people who don’t have coding skills can easily manage aspects of the site themselves.

WordPress has the ability to accommodate a wide variety of features. When we’re building a WordPress website, we’ll create custom themes and plugins that will be engaging for your customers and will enhance their user experience.

Custom WordPress Themes

Every WordPress website is basically the same at its core. They’re content management systems – applications used for putting content (words, images, and other media) on the Internet. And while your content is one way to set your WordPress website apart from the rest, a more immediate and visual way to make your site stand out is with its theme.

A WordPress theme defines the look of your website. It’s your website’s color scheme, its layout, and everything in between – menus, fonts, backgrounds, and more. We design and develop unique WordPress themes that effectively showcase your brand, other than those commercial templates that are being used by thousands of other businesses. We will provide you with a customized layout that best serves your goals, making it incredibly easy for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

While themes deal primarily with the look of your WordPress site, plugins are much more varied in their uses. They are helpful little tools that enhance the overall site experience, making life easier for you.

With our custom plugins, you’ll have no trouble dealing with the behind-the-scenes functions of your website. Plugins help you manage blog posts, remove spam comments, and so much more.

We can build a wide variety of custom plugins that will improve the user experience for the potential customers looking at your site. Social media tickers, audio and video players, interactive slideshows – you name it, we’ll make it happen.

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