If you want to reach your target audience with your website, you’ll need a website design company that understands your business’s goals. Every site must be a unique fit for the brand it’s representing. Whether you are a selling customized wristwatches in Albany, upscale Thai food in Portland, or if you are a contractor in Los Angeles, we can design a website that fits your business perfectly.

Our comprehensive approach to quality website design involves a four-step process.

We begin by doing the research and planning necessary that’s right for your company. We’ll learn as much as we can about the industry you are in by studying every single detail from the design and marketing aspects.

Next, we’ll get into the design phase, translating our research and planning into a workable model for your new website. When we design your website, we’ll handle every detail – the layout, the menus, the icons, the images, the font choice, and more – all with the user in mind.

After this, we’ll enter the development phase. This will consist of using our specialized knowledge of the latest tools and techniques to build your competitive new website from the ground up. We’ll make sure that every aspect of your website is up to our standard of quality.

After the development phase, we’ll begin testing and checking everything on it, including functionality on all types of computers and devices, browser compatibility, coding best practices, mispellings, broken links, and more.

Once your website has been fully tested, we’ll have arrived at the final phase: the launch. We’ll send you the link to your newly developed site for you to review and make sure you are fully satisfied with it. Only after you give us the approval, we’ll launch your site.

Website Redesign

The Internet is a competitive marketplace that is constantly evolving. To stay viable in online business, you’ll need to keep up with technology, as well as the latest design trends depending on the nature of your business.

Your site should reflect that you’re a modern company. We offer website redesign services to make sure your website is at the head of the pack – instead of left in the dust.

To make sure you’re getting the redesign you’re looking for, we first discuss with you the elements of the website that you’re happy with and the elements that just aren’t working for you. We’ll then plan out our changes and put them into action.

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